Speed, Image + Seo Optimisation of WordPress & WooCommerce

Speed, Image + Seo Optimisation of WordPress & WooCommerce updated

Optimising WordPress & WooCommerce stores is something we love doing. Speed matters right? Hitting the scores matter. We hear you!

Many will say don’t worry too much about scores, and while that is right in the sense it is not always an accurate or a true reflection of what a user may experience, it does give you a good indication as to how things are doing and where improvements can be made.

We all may aim for 100 scores but it is not always achievable, or if it is, it can cause unwanted side effects, certainly for WooCommerce and sites with lots of 3rd party scripts. But most often, tweaks and implementations can be made to vastly improve the experience, ultimately that is what we keep doing. Improving the experience.

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