Automotive Website Provider; Dev VIP, As Featured on Hedges & Company

When you feel at the top of your game and are proud of what you have achieved and do daily for your clients/customers, there is no harm in reaching out to other people to tell them, shout it loud and proud and you never know the right person may just read it.

We recommend you do that as part of your websites continued growth, and that is just what we did after reading about Jon Hedges success, the founder of Hedges & Company, they are worldwide leading experts in Marketing strategies, the story is inspirational and when it comes to marketing they know the industry better than many.

So we explained what we do for a few of our clients in terms of what we build, and low and behold we must be doing some really great things as we are really proud to say we have been featured on the Hedges & Company website as an Automotive Website Provider.

Getting acknowledged is a really great confidence booster and confirmation of your works, you must know the feeling when you make a sale, get a like on a blog post that you really put effort into, see a client succeed. It is that same feeling of yippee someone else is happy with what we are doing and not just anyone here but a clear leader in their field.

With 50+ years of combined experience at Hedges & Company in the automotive industry, we are really looking forward to developing our clients websites even further with Hedges & Company’s cutting-edge digital marketing & SEO strategies!

If you would like us to develop your website for your VIPs and at the same time combine the knowledge and strategies of Hedges & Company, please get in touch via the chat or contact page