With over 10 years of experience in WordPress & server administration, our aim is to enhance your website to its full potential.

Allowing you to provide a VIP experience to your customers.

When working on developing websites, we code them out with a view of one page at a time.

We build WordPress plugins, adding rich features, customised edits and functions to your sites theme. While also implementing code updates to ensure security holes are blocked and websites look and work as they should.

Thanks to our advanced in-house knowledge and experience of most plugins in the WordPress repository, we have a solid understanding of what makes a good feature. Importantly we also know what could turn out to be a headache in the future.

We have vast experience of using many plugins, modifying them and even building custom plugins.

Due to the fast-paced growth of the internet and software/ plugins/ features, websites of course require constant and continued development.

Why? To stay up to date and stay ahead of the competition. Without this, your website will quickly become outdated and can even pose a security risk to you, your customers, the data and that’s one sure fire way of ruining anyones reputation!

Hire DEV VIP today and be ready for the future of tomorrow!

Have us working on your website, for you, or your VIP customers.