WordPress VIP Services

Is your WordPress website running well? Do you have a shop with the world renowned WooCommerce? Perhaps you are just starting out in the early design stages or needing a tune up?

Either way, your website will benefit from continuous development. From simple features to custom solutions, I can develop your  website, into one fit for your VIP users.

I offer daily, weekly or monthly intensive development, making websites work more efficiently, not only for the owner/operators and teams behind the scenes, but also for the end user – ultimately, they are the VIP.
Here are just some of the features I can implement for your website:

  • Theme Customisation
  • Build Functional Plugins
  • Improve Security
  • Improve Site Speed
  • Data Analytics
  • Server Configuration
  • Email Configuration and security
  • Load Balancer Set Up
  • Server Files & Database Optimisation
  • Software Updates
  • Image Optimisation
  • CDN Implementation
  • WebP Image Conversion
  • Back-ups
  • AI Learning – Bots
  • Live Chat
  • & Much More

Contact us about your feature requirements and we’ll implement a rich range of features for your VIP users.



Please note and to avoid any doubt, we are not affiliated with WordPress’s own VIP department, we just happen to be a WordPress Developer ‘Dev’ who works on what we consider or you consider to be a ‘VIP’ website. Hence Dev – VIP and of course WordPress, as a platform itself, there is no better in our view and why we just love working on it every day as an independent WordPress Developer.