WordPress Maintenance & Security

Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Which is right?

Answer… All of them.  Why? Security.

The fact is, WordPress, WooCommerce Maintenance is not often needed, only when critical security updates or major releases are required for security or functionality.

So when do you need to update?

Generally the advice is to update at once, though it is also advised to back up and test. Which is where the problem comes in for busy websites with numerous software adding functionality, the working hours of your team are to run your business and their individual roles, let me do the maintenance ensuring that update roll outs do not leave you in the dark with the white screen of death, often the result of clashing plugins, some outdated, not the outcome you want when customers are browsing.

Further and something of a more worrying concern for any site owner and your VIP end users alike is security.

Cyber criminals are hard at work trying to undo your hard work, trying to steal peoples information and money at any given opportunity, with outdated software, often comes a backdoor, with immediate implementation of updates you can be sure you’re as protected as can be.

Badly managed sites are very vulnerable from attacks. Badly managed updates can at the least slow down your operations, and at worst can lead to being hacked.

By hiring me, I will ensure your systems are the strongest they can be, every page will send and receive data only via ssl encryption, comply with all policies and regulations, where possible fraud protections such as Identity theft and money back product guarantees can be obtained for your customers, further reassuring and guaranteeing their VIP user experience and journey with your site.

I’m confident of the sites managed, they are safer and stronger than many other sector leading sites with any software vulnerabilities being immediately rectified with multiple checks/tests/scans looking for malicious codes and abnormalities 24/7

I monitor all software code not just for unwarranted file changes, but also for chatter of bugs and the evolvement of new hacks the frauds are up to, I welcome new updates not put them off and upon new updates being released I immediately begin work checking compatibility before going live.  For critical updates I may run an update after testing at any hour of the day, I don’t only work 9-5 like some, I work when needed often at all hours.  Anytime is an emergency. Now does that sound good to you?

To sum up security, I will bolt up the back door. Shutting out those crims!

I also employ various software to harden your website VIP areas and that includes files/admin/customer/client area.

I can shut down unwelcome crawling bots, block out unknown or known attackers, ip networks, block anyone who is generally being a pest of your website, draining your resources, crawling and scraping your data.

Chat with me now for consultation, implementation & ongoing maintenance of your WordPress WooCommerce powered website.