WordPress Developer

Developing VIP WordPress WooCommerce Websites Daily

Here at DEV VIP, I’m WordPress & WooCommerce focused, developing the main aspects of many client websites, your website could be next. I can help you to create VIP experiences for your customers and help your team work better and easier. There are many things WordPress wise that I can help you with including;

  • Plugin Customisation
  • Theme Edits
  • Security
  • SSL Installation
  • Ultra Fast Hosting
  • Site Speed
  • Data Analytics
  • Server Optimisation
  • Database Optimisation
  • Software Updates
  • Back-ups

In addition, I continuously develop functions that are most important to your team, to make the administration of your website more tailored to your business as it grows or changes course. I’m also at the forefront of new integrations such as AI Learning, Bots, Live Chat and many more.